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Bisti Badlands X Center*

[(*Old Man’s Purps x (OGKB x Wet Dream)] X (AC/DC x Ultraviolet OG)]

Regular12 seeds per pack.

Flavor: Gassy tropical fruit like mangos and papaya with some mixed berry with hints of doughy cookies.

Potency: Quite a bit of phenotype contain a bit of CBG with mostly 1:1 to a potential 2:1 CBD: THC with the potential of seeing a high THC type one cannabis cultivar.

Effects: Couch-lock, but very clear and awake at the same time.  More functional than the user perceives. Depending on the phenotype you find, the effects can vary. This will be a nice hybrid if someone is looking for the best of both worlds. Some might also consider this to be a triple threat, due to it having a good Sativa, Indica, and CBD heavy cultivars all coming together.

Ease of growth: Somewhat- puts up a very good fight when it comes to bud rot but mostly bred for resistance to powdery mildew. A great choice if you are stuck growing in a humid environment, dealing with humidity spikes with little to no air movement. Excellent for tropical climates as well.

Other Notes: Expect flavors and effects to range from a floral, tropical cherry to gassy cookie.  The effects will lift the days’ weight off your shoulders, and make you feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated after a long day at work or at the gym. You can even find phenotypes that will yield massive buds thanks to Blue Dream but won’t have the terpenes Blue Dream has. Mainly only used for its vigor and yield, in combination with landrace, Cookies, OG, and CBD genetics all coming together, there is sure to be a colossal yielding game changer in these packs of seeds. If you like uniqueness, this one might be what you are looking for.

Reference: Underwater cavern


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